Colorful Cascade of Paper Silhouette

Maybe you should accept the challenge from the artist Emmanuelle Moureaux who had his latest exhibition called I Am Here where you will be cahalleged to find the proverbial needle in the haystack. The installation falls from the ceiling in a vibrant rainbow, hanging the silhouettes of 18,000 females in 100 different colors.


The famous busiest foot traffic in Japan, Tokyu Plaza Ginza, daily pedestrians signify the unceasing flow of foot traffic in Hidden among them but there are three figures, one is a cat and two are girls that you have to find among the layers of apparently infinite adult bodies.


I Am Here actually lures you to find the “lost” silhouettes, but it also inspires you to ponder where you belong.


As Moureaux writes in his web, “One can drown in the same repeated days, becoming one of the people on the street. The exhibition makes you ponder, am I like these figures in this crowd?”