‘Colossus’ Sculpture Hides Secret Rooms Inside

An Italian sculptor by the name of Giambologna erected this quite epic colossus sculpture as a symbol of Italy’s rugged Apennines mountains. This colossus, half man, half mountain, was created in the late 1500’s.

Fittingly named Appennino, this mountain god is standing 35 feet tall on the ground of the Villa di Pratolino in Tuscany.Actually it is not just a giant sculpture, this rugged, mountainous statue hides some wonderful secret rooms. They work as the amazing interior which are supposed not only to have different functions but also to make this colossus come to life.It is said that the space in this monster’s head was made for a fireplace which, when lit, would blow smoke out of his nostrils. Not only that, it is also said that such giant sculpture’s left hand holds spewed water from an underground stream.