This Illustrator From India Makes Hillarious Comics On The Daily Struggles Of Millennial Women

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This Illustrator From India Makes Hillarious Comics On The Daily Struggles Of Millennial Women

Get ready for a good chuckle! These illustrations will definitely make your day because the struggle is real and relatable.

There is a huge difference between young women from years ago and women now. The change of trends over the years has brought in a change in the lifestyle of the modern women. An illustrator from India, Akshara Ashok, creates amazing comics about the daily struggles of being a modern girl and she posts them on her Instagram handle @happyfluffcomics. Akshara has around 109k followers and all the ladies can definitely relate to her comics. Her comics portray the problems faced by women in a very humorous way. The comics will definitely make you laugh out loud and nod in agreement. Take a look at some of her works.

1. Everyone has been in this situation in their lives when you have to be careful about your fart especially in a public place.  


2. When your priorities in life are on point, you know where your money will go! 


3. Dog owners know what it feels like to have dog hair everywhere in the house and, most importantly, on yourself.


4. When you stub your little toe, it gives you the worst kind of pain ever! 


5. The problem you face with tight ripped jeans, but you still have to be in style.


6. Overeating can be a result of joblessness and boredom. Time to get a hobby before you bloat.  


7. This is the reason why all girls need matte lipsticks, but what do you do in winters? 


8. "I'm so sorry I can't make it. I'm so busy with stuff this weekend!" Then jumps into bed till the next morning! 


9. When you've had too much beer, and the only thing that has your attention is your bladder! 


10. Changing fashion trends can get really confusing, especially when you're looking for comfort.


11. It's a hot summer's day and you're all sweaty and uncomfortable. But the moment you step into your air-conditioned room, it's sheer bliss!


12. The positive and the negative physical side effects of that time of the month! 


13. All the ladies have experienced this and have had so many cute undies ruined because of periods.


14. When she is going through her period, mess with her at your own risk! 


15. The most favorite and the best position is having the pillow under your leg while you take a nap.


16. How you want to look vs how you really look! You look just fine, girl.


17. Getting deodorant stains on your clothes is the worst thing ever! You got to be careful when you're spraying it on.


18. Always have a pin on hand when you wear a shirt, it's like it wasn't designed for you.


19. Lacy bras are beautiful and sexy but come with their own set of problems. True story.


20. The struggles of using a public toilet are real. You have to juggle between hovering in the air and hoping that your thighs won't collapse on you.


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