Complex Illustrations out of Colorful Wires

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Complex Illustrations out of Colorful Wires

Complex Illustrations out of Colorful Wires

Charis Tsevis is a Greece-based artist who gives lots of interest in the wired world we live in. He seems to have a big concern towards how much we have complete reliance on outlets for power or for data transfer even if wireless technology has always undergone advanced development. It's a common sight to see those countless plugs of different usage sprawling all over our room not to mention the so many cluttered cords of various sizes. But in Tsevis' hands, those previously messy wires are turned into extremely gorgeous wire illustrations. Check them out.

Tsevis himself has already developed wire illustrations in various series for some advertising and editorial purposes. His illustrations are absolutely impressive in terms of their details because they can replicate some forms of human figures, faces, and even animals. As a matter of fact, they are just nothing but a bunch of tangled wires. All types of colorful wires such as phone cables, USB cords can nicely snake out towards their edges only to create a sense of energy and motion moving throughout each composition.

With his intricate creation, Tsevis is successful to redefine technology through his creative exploration by being able to arrange line to draw on the positive and negative sides of space. When asked about his reason to build such piece, Tsevis says, "All of them have to do with the relationship between the network and the human body and spirit."

Source: My Modern MetCharis Tsevis

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