Coolest Cartoon Lip Art Ever

After her playful lip art was shared for the first time, Laura Jenkinson didn’t stop her creativity. She then expanded her work to become even more sophisticated by transforming her own lips into those cute cartoon characters.


She once told about her creations, starting from picking one of world-famed cartoon characters and then she would hold it up as a model. She used mirror to draw various shades of lipstick and makeup cosmetics onto her mouth and lips to resemble the cartoon in the model picture.


To make her caricatures later can have mouth or lips physical movement, she drew the character’s mouth right on her lips. This way her mouth would serve as enlarged version of the cartoon’s lips, while her chin and Cupid’s bow would work as a canvas for the cartoon’s body.


Jenkinson adds up a special touch so that the characters will have their own personalities. Not only that, when she purses her lips or show her white teeth, the image will come alive as there are movements in her lips or mouth. Such a creative job!

Source: My Modern Met, Laura Jenkinson, Instagram





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