Creative Way to “Fix” a Dented Car

Maybe it’s true that when it comes to fixing things, humans are pretty much resourceful. It really worked to this Russian man whose car was hit by a truck in the Altai Republic near Kazakhstan and Mongolia. Instead of taking his car to the garage to get it fixed, he covered the dent with his hand drawing of map of his region using a permanent marker pen. Check out what he did to the dented door of his car.

Since there is no compulsory vehicle insurance in Russia, the truck driver who happened to cause the damage has to pay for the repair himself. And while waiting for the car door to be replaced, the car owner is now thinking of a temporary fix or a design to cover the ugly looking dent. That’s when he has to use pens to make beautiful drawings along with the map of the location. So hopefully he can cover the rest of his car in maps.

Source: Bored Panda, designyoutrust