Cutting and Illustration Involved on Paper

English paper artist Meloney Celliers adds a new dimension to her whimsical illustrations by combining simple black lines with vibrant paper quilling. The art of paper quilling involves rolling and shaping strips of paper that are then glued together to create decorative 3D designs. Celliers’ brightly colored paper is twisted, swirled, and curled into floral shapes, which are then glued into position to complete each piece.

Beautiful colors scheme playing in gradation pattern, curvy lines and firm in form making Meloney Celliers artworks looked cheerful, sharp and lean.
Celliers’ nature-inspired mixed media compositions feature bunches of flowers blooming from jars, pots, and even Wellington boots; a riot of plant life, erupting from a stag’s horns; and a blast of blue floral swirls, bursting from a whale’s blowhole. In contrast to the colorful mix of 3D elements, Celliers’ lines are minimal, keeping your eye drawn to the color and providing just enough shape to complete each illustration.
Paper artist Meloney Celliers creates whimsical illustrations that combine simple black lines with colorful paper quilling.(mymodernmet)

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