Cutting Edge ‘Chameleon’ Furniture

South Korea-based design studio Orijeen released their latest collection—Color Flow—featuring two eye-popping, color-changing cabinets. Both pieces are covered in a lenticular surface which—depending on the position of the viewer, and how the light hits the surface—makes the curvy cabinets appear as if they can magically change color.

Made by design studio Orijeen, these vibrant cabinets appear to change color due to their lenticular surfaces.
The smaller pill-shaped sideboard shimmers in shades of fuchsia, lilac, and sky blue; whereas, the taller wardrobe with a rounded top displays turquoise blues, mint greens, and shades of sunshine yellow. Each piece opens to reveal the polished wood within, along with some handy shelves and storage options. The makers state that their design process is “focused on a relationship among humans, objects and [their] environment.” Their hope is that this collection will remind users of their relationship with the object.(mymodernmet)

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