Dad’s Drawings to Remind Her Daughter to Have Lunch

Never has there been before a father whose deep love for his daughter makes him to always create drawings every single day only to remind her not to skip lunch. Rob Biddulph is an illustrator with a cause, and that cause is to let his daughter Poppy know of his great love every day. He’s been drawing lunch reminders and sneaking them into Poppy’s lunchbox for three years!


He began to make such drawing when Poppy about to take a primary school. Rob drew her a cute lunch reminder.


The hardest part for Rob is to come up with new ideas since he already drew all of his daughter’s favorite cartoon characters in the first few weeks.


Thankfully, Poppy is a very curious girl and she’s getting into new things all the time. Now that Star Wars being popular, Rob did the whole series with the famous characters from the Star Wars movie. But Rob still has problem. He says jokingly, “I get all the credit for the drawings only when my wife herself is the one that actually makes the sandwiches!”

Source: Bored PandaRob Biddulph, Instagram