Young Couple's 'Half&Half' Project Captures Their 'Adult' Love In Unimaginably COZY Ways!

Young Couple's 'Half&Half' Project Captures Their 'Adult' Love In Unimaginably COZY Ways!

Danbi Shin and Seok Li's creative flair didn't go unrecognised. This post will reinstill your faith in long distance relationships!

The plain thought of a long distance relationship might seem too difficult for some to digest as not many people can handle that sort of commitment and efforts. Endless hours of Skyping and having a strong communication game is not very easy but that's surely not the case of Danbi Shin a New Yorker and Seok Li who is residing in Seoul. With a 14-hour time difference separating them from each other they are determined to not let that come in between them. They launched a project called “Half&Half" where they compile the two places that they are living in into one to show the similarities between their lifestyle while feeling a bit closer to each other every day.

1. Birthday celebrations


Not too far away!

2.The Spring of Nature


It's lovely this time of the year.

3. This way, please!


The only way to go.

4. The way to my heart


Nothing can come between them.

5. Money on my mind


Things change, people don't.

6. Furnished goods


We are one and the same.

7. It's out there


The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.

8. The lifeline


Plants have magical properties.

9. Bare Necessities


They seem to have this part covered!

10. Different versions of a pancake


Which one do you prefer?

11. The cab ride home


We are one and the same.

12. First meal of the day


Both look super healthy!

13. Coping with a hot day


Who doesn't like ice cream?

14. What's cooking?


The different available options.

15. We found the same store!


Yes, it's a seven eleven.

16. Connecting people


Because communication is the most important thing!

17. The portal


The secret doorway.

18. Love for crunchy cereal


A spoonful of love.

19. Burger Vs Burger


Are salivating yet?

20. Car rides


The much needed long drive.

21. Cutleries


We have found each other.

22. You are the ice to my coke 


The perfect drink.

23. You


This world is unimaginable without you.

24. A package of love


We have a special delivery for you.

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