Dancers After Dark

Jordan Matter is maybe the luckiest person on earth since he is the one who can have the luxury of taking pictures of those beautiful beings for his most recent project called Dancers After Dark. Here, Matter seems to further pushes the boundaries of the human form and it’s through these stunning images that he makes his readers to, “Say yes! Embrace the risks and opportunities that life presents!”

Matter believes that humans have always been a subject of fascination. That’s why his work are about humans and their vulnerability. Like his previous best-selling books Dancers Among Us and Uncovered, Matter ventured into themes of vulnerability, fearlessness, and the raw beauty of the human body.

Actually he has received many accolades and he has been working for multiple major media outlets like the Today Show and the BBC, where Matter demonstrates that there is always more of humanity to discover and celebrate. He even has had some filming headshots for countless celebrities.

Just check out his images from Dancers After Dark below as well as behind-the-scenes footage from the photo shoot locations.