Dazzling Evening Gowns with Nail Polish

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Dazzling Evening Gowns with Nail Polish

Dazzling Evening Gowns with Nail Polish

When looking at those luxury labels like Dolce & Gabbana, Valentino or Ralph & Russo, artist Chan Clayrene began to have inspirations to create her piece. And to make her creations she uses both matte and sparkly nail polishes as in her glamorous illustrations of haute couture gowns.

While for her watercolor art, it is very dreamlike in texture since the edges seem to evaporate into the blankness of the paper. In fact, her bold color seems to dominate thanks to the vivacious hues of her nail polish palette. This effect doesn’t sound surprising, knowing that many of her fashionable illustrations involve drawings, sometimes she even presents real flowers that burst from the page to give impression of 3D influence.

Maybe she belongs to the unconventional artist, but due to her style, she has been commissioned by Haute Couture to create paper doll collections.

Source: My Modern MetInstagram

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