Delicate Feathers for Realistic Animal Portraits

Hi. My name is Krystle Missildine. I’m a Prattville, Alabama based artist. Actually I’m a mom, a wife and a plant lover with a passion for exploring nature. Now I’m doing my art work full time so that I can stay at home the whole day while taking care of my family. I can say that what I do is really different from the artists. Since I have always been madly in love with creating art on feathers, instead of using canvas, I paint on a feather as the only painting media.

Actually painting feathers has become my newest obsession. I find that building up layers of paint on feathers is really challenging since they are such a fragile surface. But when it comes to seeing my job done on them, it is truly both exciting and arduous.

I really must make sure that my brush strokes are going very gently and precisely, knowing the fact that I am working on such a small, delicate canvas. To paint those smooth surface feathers, I use acrylic paints and tiny paint brushes. But luckily for me because all of the feathers I use were naturally molted.

The first time I had to look for those feathers was a bit challenging but now that most of my friends know what I am doing, many of those feathers were donated by those who happen to own parrots, or some feathers were shed from my own five pet birds.