Dense Cityscapes Poping out of Delicate Illustrations

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Dense Cityscapes Poping out of Delicate Illustrations

Benjamin Sack seems to be an artist who has a great love for city buildings and cityscapes. It is so true when you care to look at his illustrations showcasing intricate dense cityscapes. Undoubtedly, such job is truly delicate and complicated since he will include the knack and cranny stuff belonging to typical cityscapes. For sure Sack has been doing a very meticulous job in creating such piece.

Sack is only utilizing a black 0.05 Staedtler pigment liner pen in order to create those wonderful sprawling cityscapes. And without great diligence and an intense eye for details, Sack won’t be able to come up with those dense cityscapes things.

Even though his illustration seems to be flawless, only then we question the exact whereabout of his city is really located. For sure they are just fictional urban worlds that he created but it would be just great if his cities really exist.

Somehow we can see some iconic buildings that we can recognize but still, they clearly seem to just attach in some uncharted areas.In drawing those buildings, Sack would begin with a few buildings and then extend to a heavily populated sheet of paper.

Sack can cleverly show that his incredible drawings include an aerial view of small homes scattered throughout the land and in the vicinity are also some skyscrapers, rivers, and big and small streets as well.

When viewers need to make out all the very intricate details, they have to move in close enough to gain a clear look at the bustling cities as the buildings are standing quite cheek by jaw.

Even if the location is not very clear, those reminiscent of standout landmarks throughout Sack’s illustration can satisfy our desire to believe that those cities are real.

And the most important thing is that how he can create such complicated details of cityscapes, Sack just came up with, "I can credit patience and a debilitating love for history and architecture."

H/T My Modern Met

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