Digital Illustrations of Fragmented Human Forms

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Digital Illustrations of Fragmented Human Forms

Grégoire A. Meyer is a London-based artist who creates those impeccable digital illustrations that induce sympathetic reactions. In his illustrations he seem to capture the essence of ephemeral moments, like a disintegrating face or a splash of water and freezes them in time in fleeting objects that seem to be almost like concrete.

Actually his pieces are preconceptions of the human form and make them into a complex relationship between fact and fiction. Using his highly sophisticated digital techniques, Meyer can construct fragmented faces and bodies and made out of reflective and shiny metallic.

To be able to make such illusion of a realistic object that exists only within the digital platform, Meyer would use exceptionally dramatic lights and shadows. Actually what Meyer wishes to show us with his piece entitled Emergence, Surface, and Shattered is some hints about our feelings of loneliness and solitude.

He would invite viewers to investigate the reflections bouncing off the glossy metal and to inspect its surface and to look through the hollow forms in a discovery of the many layers within each composition, both on and below the surface.

H/T My Modern Met

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