Discarded Trash Into Whimsical Animal Sculptures

Bordalo II is a Portuguese artist who had a busy summer installing his animal sculptures in public locations. He did it as he sped from Aruba to Estonia. These sculptures are uniquely shaped from discarded materials. That fact would unveil only when seen from close.


With his great skill, Bordalo can then chop and turn the door panels, car bumpers, tires and entire vehicles into a sculpture.


Even though most artists’ often go to town to get their stuff at an art supply store, Bordalo would make his way to the local junkyard, with his visionary eye he would search for what these scraps can do as raw materials for his piece.


For Bordalo’s mission, the central to it is the media itself, “The idea is to depict nature itself, in this case animals, out of materials that are responsible for [their] destruction. Sometimes people don’t recognize that their simple routines are too much, we are using too many resources too fast and turning them into trash, waste, and pollution.”