Disney Mural In My Daughter’s Room

Hi. My name is Jennifer Treece. I’m a wife, mom and also an artist. I really love fairy tales and love finding spare time to make beautiful things. So, I decided to decorate my daughter’s room with a mural from Disney. Actually I and my daughter love all of the Disney Princesses, especially Rapunzel.   

We really love Rapunzel because she is the kind of person who is courageous and adventurous. And my daughter and I really got the inspiration from the way Rapunzel holds onto her dream.

Now, I think I know every line that belongs to Rapunzel just because I always had to play the movie showing her and repeat every time I worked on my Disney paintings.

Actually when it comes to Rapunzel’s paintings things get better. When I worked on her in Michigan in January and February as it got really cold, somehow the painting warmed up my winter.