Disney Paintings Are Better Than Disney Movies

Thomas Kinkade was one of American artists who created many of beautiful Disney scenes. They are so beautiful that many people feel these actual paintings are better than those digital illustrations.


It was made possible all because of his mastery in chiaroscuro, a painting technique using dark and light contrast to make the illusion of volume. This makes Disney characters could come alive.


The late Thomas Kinkade could illustrate Disney world in a very much better way than any other Disney artists. It’s no exaggeration when people say his work was better than Disney itself. Every detail in his work is truly amazing and if you stare long enough, you will see more. If once he ever said that he wanted to create an inviting world by which it can suck people into its depth and encourage them to seek more hopeful existence, these paintings can really do what he wanted.

Source: Bored PandaThomas Kinkade, Instagram





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