Disturbing World Endings to Classic Disney Stories

Are you familiar with the ending word of Disney Stories? Yes, they always end every story with the auspicious word like “They live happily ever after”. What if their stories hadn’t been conveniently ended as “”happily ever after?”. Have you ever wondered why and what really happens to the famous Disney characters, if they are ended the opposite?


If you happen to share the same questions, maybe Jeff Hong’s story board to end such stories can answer your question. Maybe Hong quite believes that in the real world, life doesn’t always work out the nice way as in Disney stories.


With this in mind, Jeff Hong the New York-based animation storyboard artist was inspired to change things up a bit by reinterpreting classics like Alice in Wonderland, Bambi and The Little Mermaid.


That’s why Hong then created a blog called Unhappily Ever After. Hong is actually a big fan of Disney animation, even so, his blog is surprisingly filled with all kinds of tragically dramatic tales.