DIY the Beauty of a Shimmering Ocean Shore

In a YouTube video, you will learn how an artist starts cutting walnut wood and turns it into one-inch wide and one inch-thick strips. The result of Brown’s DIY is stunning, and he makes it look so easy. Just try doing it yourself, no worry of making mistakes. Peter Brown will teach you how to create gorgeous DIY projects.

With an incredible attention to detail and skillful hand, Peter Brown has recently produced a wooden bowl that glistens with blue resin dancing around its edge. Actually, Peter Brown is a self-proclaimed “geek with a full set of power tools” who takes advantage of his knowledge and skills to create gorgeous DIY projects.
Inspired mostly by secret wood rings, Peter Brown wanted to produce something similar on a larger scale. Just notice how Peter Brown began his resin wood bowl DIY by cutting wood into one-inch strips.

As Peter Brown writes on Imgur, “If you stop at this point, you can make a very attractive walnut cutting board. Or, we can break out the sledgehammer and have a little FUN!”