Dramatic Of Icelandic Landscapes With Infrared Shots

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Dramatic Of Icelandic Landscapes With Infrared Shots

UK-based photographer Andy Lee found a way to stand out from the crowd, with his very atmospheric infrared landscape photography in "Blue Iceland." One of the places in Iceland certainly attracts many photographers and travelers because of its rough and dramatic scenery but with amazing shots, unlike other places in the world.

Photographers take pictures using infrared light-sensitive cameras and / or filters that shade some or all wavelengths of visible light, instead emphasizing the infrared wavelength. This technique creates a moody, atmospheric and painting-like experience.

Lee's photographic technique that gave rise to the mystical side of Iceland's landscape was frightening, filled with active volcanoes and geysers, epic fictors, glaciers and glaciers.

More info:  andylee.co  |  500px.com

Source : https://www.demilked.com/blue-iceland-nature-infrared-photography-andy-lee/ | Capture

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