Dream Library for Book Lovers

For those who love reading will most likely find this secluded library retreat the most perfect place for them to read books. This library is really located in a very remote area deep in the woods of New York State. Check out how extremely cozy it is from its look.

Some people enjoy reading books in cafes, or on public transports while commuting to work. But if you belong to those wanting to read only in the quietest place you can find, in order to make you able to fully immerse yourself without being diluted by noise, what do you think of this library in the woods? Will you find this is the best place for your reading?

This only box looking like library is designed by US firm Studio Padron. Now, they call it the Hemmelig Rom. That’s Norwegian word for “secret room”.

About its size, the black cabin library measures 200 square meters with its wall made from oak. And a bed is positioned inside the cabin just in case you prefer reading while lying on bed, and there is also an armchair, a desk, and even a wood-burning stove ready to keep you warm and cozy while curling up with your favorite novels.

Any reading materials are made easy to just pluck from the book-lined shelves that are around you.

Source : Bored Panda, Studio Padron (h/t)