Dreamlike Fantasyland Can be on Your Home Wall

If you want to escape into a dreamlike fantasyland, look at every single bold painting of Jenny Liz Rome. Her collections not only show unique beauty but also offer you a chance for escapes. Rome is a Canada-based artist, who is known for her pictures of wild creatures mixed with female figures, showing us exactly what happens when sexy gentility is blended with crude creature imagery.


Rome graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Ontario College of Art and Design University (OCAD) in 2009. Her best creations are those of mixed photography, drawing and painting. Although when looking at her pieces, her style really stands out, she believes that her craftsmanship is very much influenced by wildlife, classic style, and the female form.


If you love to do decorations to your walls with an artwork of Rome’s style, or if you consider wanting to own her collections, a website called My Modern Met gives you a chance to select six of Rome’s works at its online shop named My Modern Shop. Rome’s work are available either in prints or canvases which surely may work perfectly to suit your taste.  Take the ones in pink, you’ll love them.

Source: My Modern Met, Jenny Liz Rome, Instagram