Dreamy and Imaginative Animal Tattoos

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Dreamy and Imaginative Animal Tattoos

Dreamy and Imaginative Animal Tattoos

If you are looking for tattoos of dreamy and imaginative kind of animals, Adrian Bascur is the tattoo artist you are looking for. His tattoos are about animals which are eye-catching and beautiful but not too flashy. They are glimmering with imagination as though they apart of the imagination.

Adrian Bascur is actually from Chile. His tattoo design is mostly about animals but he blends them with galactic appeal. Therefore he would add to his intricate animal sketches with clouds studded with twinkling stars to make images showing the majesty of the natural world outside our atmosphere. In order to boost his bold space tattoos, he prefers to blend magenta and cerulean to look like watercolor paintings. To do that, he would make the edges fade away and evaporate into his client’s skin and so far it works. Want to try his tattoos, anyone?

Source: My Modern MetInstagram

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