Dreamy Animal Tattoos from Storybook  

Are you looking for a tattoo parlor that can bring those marvelous watercolor-esque drawing of animals etched to your skin? If it’s true, there is a place in Warsaw, Poland called Caffeine Tattoo which now is a meeting point of a bunch of gifted tattoo artists who are all set to ink your body with your wildest dreams of art you never before met. Check out some of the tatts created by one of their top-level artists.

And if you decided to go, pick Aga Yadou, who is one of the Caffeine Tattoo’s top experts in ink. Moreover if you are a nature kind of aficionado who loves animals truly, Aga Yadou will make the perfect choice for you. She will make sure you find your niche in nature, since she can create awe-inspiring, watercolor-esque drawings of animals as if they were coming out of a storybook.

Aga Yadou is a Warsaw-based tattooist who dabbles in floral tattoos. She mostly creates imaginative representations of animals. Yadou will work exclusively in this method, creating subtle designs that appear to have jumped straight off the canvas and onto her clients’ skin.

The collections of this Polish parlor displays various and distinctive designs of works, from black-and-white realist images of photographs to stylized Pop Art portraits. Actually, tattoos are normally seen as black outlines, deep pigments and bold. But what Yadou’s tatts designs mostly offered are those of watercolor body art which are of course quite challenges to traditional aesthetic.