Egg Love and Fancy Felted Wool Sculptures

Hanna Doyhan is a Ukraine-based creative felted artist who is behind these absolutely adorable food-look sculptures. As her previous creation of ‘Avocado Love’ became quite well known, now that she wants to keep her fashion to continue getting everyone’s attention, she comes up with Egg Love which is really catching our eyes.

Even though Hanna Doyhan is pretty famous for the making of her adorable felted food, there isn’t much information that we can get on how she came to such creation and how the making process is really like.

Only that we can see the end result which is featuring two perfectly made egg halves. To make it more interesting, the dolls can be displayed apart or together, forming the cutest hug.

And if you are interested in purchasing her work, please find ‘Egg Love’ and also if possible contact felted friends by Dovhan on Etsy .

Source: Bored Panda, Hanna Dovhan, Etsy, thisiscolossal