Elegant Floral & Animal Tattoos Mimic Delicate Pencil Sketches

Lindsay Asselstine is a Toronto-based floral tattoo artist whose work of art are about the delicate, tiny, whimsical but very detailed that make many tattoo lovers want to have those miniature portraits of pets and animals and also those dainty pics of flowers and foliage to etch on their skins. Check out some of her creations.  

Actually, Asselstine on her social media uses a calling name of Lindsay April. She is known for her simple yet sketch-like style and nature-inspired tattoo designs like those of the flowers, leaves or animal portraits.

April works at the Golden Iron Tattoo Studio at Toronto. And she is often commissioned for her expertly executed flora-and-fauna creations.

With each piece representing small in size designs and minimalist in style, her tatts like those of understated floral tattoos are actually the result of expertly applied fine lines.