Photographer Adds A 'Creative' Spin To Sexist Ads, And Some Men Are Really Pissed!

Photographer Adds A 'Creative' Spin To Sexist Ads, And Some Men Are Really Pissed!

Eli Rezkallah is one of the most talented photographers out there and he decided to reverse the role of women (from the 1950s) with their male counterparts to poke fun at them. The post irked many men.

In the 1950s women were limited to their kitchen stations, preparing lip-smacking dishes for their hard-working husbands. Taking care of their children while slaving around the house all day was supposed to be the image of a perfect woman which was reflected in several ads during that time. Eli Rezkallah was heavily inspired by these and decided to use it in his photography series called "In A Parallel Universe". This hilarious but daunting project shows a gender reversal that pokes humor at the absurd stereotypical mentality. 

1. If she ever found out!


It could get ugly.

2. Know your place


Is that where you belong?

3. How stereotypical of you!


Is it necessary for us to burn the food too?

4. Lux for Men


Now you can get out of the kitchen soon too.

5. Unleash the secrets


It's not just us, you can do it too!

6. It's a woman's world


Now, we have the power too.

7. Stretch them out


How do you like it now?

8. Stay grounded


That's one way to put it.

9. Spick and span


That's how we want our how, sir.

10. This is nice


The floor was empty without them.

While going through this amazing photographer's profile we came across several other works that deserve to be recognized.

11. Women in black


Look where you're going.

12. Mirror mirror on the wall


The new Evil Queen is here.

13. This girl is on fire


Hold on to your dreams.

14. What are your Saturday night plans?


Care to join us?

15. Why care about physical beauty?


We all dream of perfection but what is the definition of it?

16. The milky way


This is the way to go.

17. Hungry for more


French fries aren't that bad.

18. Curves speak louder than words


Can you hear them?

19. Sublime


This is pure bliss.

20. Don't believe everything you hear


It's not always the truth.

21. Fame


Plastic flashes all around.

22. Dinner time


Who's hungry?

23. We're all in it for the money


This is all she wanted.

24. Alice in Wonderland


It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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