20+ Embroidery Tattoos That Resemble Masterpiece Drawings But Clearly Aren't!

20+ Embroidery Tattoos That Resemble Masterpiece Drawings But Clearly Aren't!

Embroidery tattoos might sound old school. But, for tat enthusiasts, it's really cool! You have to get one today!

There's a new tattoo form in town and it's more interesting than it sounds. Embroidery tattoos might sound a bit old school or rather something that your grandma would get. But, on a serious note, it's not. Although both these techniques involve a needle, the results and textures are worlds apart. It's really cool to witness how they combine classical art with a funky trend. They give it a sort of three-dimensional look. By that we mean, they seem like stitches created on one's skin. In order to get a clearer picture, scroll through!

1. Quiet dreams


This is so pretty!

2.  What lies beneath it?


3. My spirit animal


How cute is that?

4. Not a slacker!


can you believe these are tattoos?

5. Soar high birdie!


This is brilliant.

6. Mesmerized


We love this!

7. I feel pretty!


That's a nice touch!

8. Get to work


You can get this too!

9. This is breathtaking!


We are in awe of this precision.

10. No pain, no gain


It does look painful but it's totally worth it!

11. What the duff!


Can't get over this guy!

12. Bunch of badasses!


Are you getting our vibe?

13.  The flower of life


Nothing could go wrong with that.

14. Nothing can hold me back


Except for a selfie.

15. She got embroidered!


This hardly makes any sense.

16. Courage the Cowardly Dog


How can someone be dumb and clever at the same time?

17. Death wish


Now that's a creepy-a*s tattoo!

18. Just joined the club


It does look amazing!

19. Look at the impeccable detailing!












The loose threads make it look so real!

20. He'art' Attack


21. Basking in the sun be like...


Such beauty much wow!

22. That's a twist!


We see an awesome collaboration here.

23. Butterfly fly away!


Magic happens when you believe in it.

24. Hey, Olive Oyl


No wonder Popeye is in love with her.

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