Enticingly Artistic Loaf of Japanese Konel Bread

When you happen to be in Japan, visiting Konel Bread in Tokyo is really worth the effort. You may never stop admiring looking at these beautifully artistic loaves of bread. What makes the bread so special is that inside each bread shows beautiful drawings. They can be of everything from flowers, fruits to Pandas.  They are so lovely that you may want to eat them all when you are there.


Actually, the baker is inspired by her son’s drawings and the nature designs. And more importantly is that the bread is made with natural favors and colors like cocoa, beetroot and spinach.

How she makes this artistic bread still remains unknown, but maybe it’s like rolling deco-sushi. They are long pieces of colored dough which carefully placed on a pan and then rolled into a round loaf. But the question is when the dough is heated it will develop and puff up into bigger shapes, which for sure will ruin anything we draw in the first place.


By looking at the results in the loaves of bread, many will wonder how the baker could plan such drawings to be inside the bread. Knowing such difficulties and complications, the baker must have been a quite gifted artist as she should need extra care to plan ahead for the way the dough may expand.


The bread is really nothing but an artistic master piece.

Source: Bored Panda, Konel Bread, Instagram