Ethereal Paintings of Women in Blooming Flowers

Stella Im Hultberg is an Oregon-based and self-taught artist who can create pensive portraits and surreal sculptures that explore the concept of identity so expressively. Actually Im Hultberg was born in Korea but for years she has made many audience in America dazzled with her imaginative work because she never stops experimenting with fresher ideas as well as with new materials. Check out for her most recent work.

By using the colored pencils and acrylic paints, Im Hultberg created ethereal images of women cloaked in bright blooms of flowers for her latest work. And each of her dreamy portraits shows an intense but hazy study of an unknown individual.

Many maybe will think that all of her work are of the same individual because most of her subjects share a number of visual similarities with one another, for example; like her piece of porcelain skin tones, skin dark and also that flowing hair. That’s the hint that she really aims at.

In fact, Im Hultberg’s mesmerizing creation of floral portraits was featured in Hollow Resonance, the exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery until December 3, 2016.