Exquisite Embroideries That Look Like Drawings

If your grandma used to do embroidery at home and you had a fancy of looking at her creation. And now that your grandma’s gone, maybe this artist’s work can remind you of the embroidery your grandma made. Only that Sarah K. Benning  doesn’t do exactly the needle works that your grandma did. Her work is a contemporary kind of embroidery.


Actually Benning is a self-taught American fiber artist who actually has abandoned the traditional stitches and techniques of the past for creative, playful patterns.


She is very much inspired by antique textiles, minimalist nature landscapes and her own potted plant collection. To give her work a fresh and bold appearance, Benning applies her formal education in drawing and fine arts, even if she fell into a full-time embroidering career by chance.


Each unique piece initially starts as an illustration which she drew right onto the material with a pencil. She later ultimately covered up meticulously by hand-stitching.