Exquisite Figurative Nails Sculptures

My name is Marcus Levine. Being a sculptor of human physique, I use thousands of nails to make my sculptures. I also use large white wooden panels on which I hammer nails with different heights and distances to create the tone and texture.

nail sculpture12

Because I use thousands of nails for one single piece of my artwork, to finish it can take weeks, or often months.  Most of nail sculptures are presented to shape human form. I really love to create lines to form human figures and their movement. I was always trying to capture beautiful poses human could make like those dancers with their graceful movement.

nail sculpture01

Actually in the beginning I was more interested in creating other abstract sculptures but as the interaction between the rigid nails and soft curves of human body seem to be more striking, I then fell for creating figurative sculptures. However, my latest work is far different from the usual figurative piece that I have created. Now I embrace more contemporary ideas due to my few years of working with human figures.

nail sculpture09

To cater for my big monumental work, I use the nails rather sensitively along with other materials like Oak, Cor-ten, stainless steel and stone. And I find it that lighting is very important for my artwork since the essence of each sculpture depends very much on it.

During my career to make portraits of world famed people, I often met them in person.

Source: Bored Panda, Marcus LevineInstagram, Facebook

nail sculpture02

nail sculpture13

nail sculpture08

nail sculpture03

nail sculpture04

nail sculpture05

nail sculpture06

nail sculpture07

nail sculpture10

nail sculpture11  nail sculpture14

nail sculpture15

nail sculpture16

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