Exquisite Tattoos of Dreamlike Tales

Eva Krbdk is a famous tattoo artist from Turkey with all her small yet charming designs and exquisite scenes etched onto her clients. She made us realize that compelling body art can come in all sizes and shapes. So, instead of opting big and flashy tatts, she would use thin and intricate lines to bring all the good stories through round vignettes. Check out her latest designs of tatts.

These vignette subjects ranging from all the peaceful landscapes to dreamy images which we may think that they are just taken directly from the fairy tales pages.

At a glance, these narrative tales kind of style and also their vintage appeal perfectly seem to appear from the dusty pages of a truly beloved book.

Perhaps just like the usual good story, most readers would want to find out what is going to happen next to their endearing characters and places. And we may also feel the same way with Krbdk’s tattoos.