Exquisite Works of Art out of a Painter’s Palette

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Exquisite Works of Art out of a Painter’s Palette

Dina Brodsky has joined forces with curator Trek Lexington to make the palette’s painters become something very important in a group exhibition titled Point of Origin. Over time, a painter’s palette is often considered not important in the artist's work since it only works as a tool where the creative process sits, that’s why it often goes overlooked, overshadowed by the paint, the brush, and even the canvas.

Brodsky and Lexington have invited more than 50 artists from around the globe as not only to use their palette as a tool but rather to treat it as the work of art itself.

“One way to get a glimpse into the artist’s mind, as well as into their practice is the painter’s palette. It is both practical and intimate, acquiring layers of paint as well as memories, reflecting intent and execution, storing the ghosts of paintings that have long since left the studio. The palette is the point of origin from which ideas become realized and paint is transformed into a reflection of the human experience. Whatever shape or form the surface or substrate takes, it all begins when brush meets palette.” says the exhibit.

H/T My Modern Met

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