Extraordinary Fantasy of Castle Paintings

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Extraordinary Fantasy of Castle Paintings

Amazing Castle Fantasy

There are so many types of paintings that we have encountered, one of the paintings that is quite interesting is the fantasy painting of the types of castles. This fantasy-concept painting looks so charming and unique with all the images we don't normally see and imagine.

Talking about digital castle fantasy paintings, many artists or painters choose to jump in and focus on creating some of their works in the field of paintings that have a fantasy and imagination concept.

We will leave below a gallery of these awesome fantasy castle paintings created by digital artists. There are some that we don’t know who made them, while others which have the authors credited.

Chek them out!

Matte painting for short animation

Glacial Fantasy Castle

This image was originally made for a project that took a different direction so in the end the image was not needed. However the author did record a lot of screenshots in order to show the process of building up an image from start to finish.

BSE Concept: Elter’s castle

Huge castle on a tiny island by TinyPilot

Ocean Castle painting by Shinsen

Dark Castle by Wanbao

Dracula’s Castle by Hideyo

Flying Castle by Sketchbooo

Castle in the sky by Meaty

Hidden fantasy castle concept art by Prasa

She had heard legend about magic treasure in hidden castle in high mountains … She had set off for perilous journey … and now she’s almost there …

This is one of many illustrations the author has made for online RPG/Strategy game NIBOREA.

Castle in the Sky by Kimag3

Another Dracula Castle by Gaius31D

Dragon Castle by Randis

Sand Castle

Distant Castle by Grimdar

Castle in Fog by Skybolt

MoA – Vampire Castle by ATA

Dark Dracula Castle by Dominu

Glacier Castle by DrawingNi

Dragon Fantasy Castle by NagareBos

Fantasy Concept Art Castle by Fish Walker

Lost Castle Noah Kh

Cloud Castle by Prasa

Waterfall Castle Matte Art

Briar Castle by Zen Master

Fantasy Mountain Castle by Cris

Everlight Castle

The Castle of Illusions

Meijingon Castle by Tamerr

Flying Taxi by Ly Kim

Fantasy Castle of Doom by Yapkr

Morbid Castle by MCfrog

Castle of Valleyfield at dawn

Tithitanung – Castle of Nature

Fantasy Castle Matte by Mrpeculiar

Masyaf by Raphael Lacoste

Haunted Castle Matte Painting

The Land of Der’Gib by Jer

Its called “The Land of Der’Gib” while it seems as though its a quaint fishing village, there is much more to it that makes it fantastic. The village sits on a huge lake, surrounded by tall hills/grassy mountains. There is one way into the lake itself, through a small river that flows into the lake beneath two tall, colorful, intwining trees at the entrance.

The vegetation is lush surrounding the lake, and when you look at the lake, you’ll see hundreds of wooden huts that are on stilts above the water. Each of the huts has a dock, small or large, and one or two canoes depending on the wealth of the family. All of the houses are built in the shallow areas around the lake as the middle of the lake drops down into a vast abyss– this is where they all go to fish.

While the fishing huts are quaint, above them, on the tops of the the hills/mountains, are three castles that sit in a row lording above them.
While they sit in a direct line, they are spaced a bit apart, and each of them represents an aspect of the beliefs of the people.

The left castle is the castle of the Sun. The right, the Moon. And the center, the largest, the castle of Existence.

Elevate by Jermilex

This was a freelance piece for a children’s church curriculum. It was created in Painter and Photoshop. The final print resolution is actually over 14k

Hidden Castle by Emiliano HC

more info and source : www.designyourway.net

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