"Eye" (Oil Painting With A Palette Knife) by Veri Apriyatno

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"Eye" (Oil Painting With A Palette Knife) by Veri Apriyatno

Summarizing the various sources, at least the shape of the eyes, in general, are divided into six forms, each of which implies the character of a different owner; Leaning Down, has the advantage of being a good and critical judge. Leaning Up, the person is clear and straightforward and believes in 'all learning from mistakes'. Big Sparkles, like to think positively, people who believe if life is full of happiness and something fun. Plain, easy to feel worried and anxious and therefore always feel uncomfortable and rather difficult to live a normal life. Often the pessimistic outlook on life. Big Iris, people who can't hide emotions. On the other hand, is a sweet person who likes to spread happiness around. Small Iris, likes to hide emotions, closed and sensitive. People who think that the name shows their emotions are a waste of time. What do your eyes look like? And what eye shapes video did this artist paint?

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