Fabulous Fashion Illustrations can Mimic Graceful Movement

When  you are able to think out of the box and see the world differently, you’ll surely grow like Edgar Artis. He is one of the many fashion illustrators with unique styles as he can blend common household foods like oreos, string beans, kiwifruits, peanuts or other as dress materials with his fashion sketches to create fabulously new fashion illustrations.


At times though, he would include other real-life objects besides everyday household foods like gummy bears, seashells or cotton balls for his gown materials. Looking at the result, they make gorgeous blend.


Actually, Artis had just begun to develop his sketch collections to blend with real-life objects since his first work received many enthusiasm earlier this year.


His fashion illustrations look more like playful three-dimensional visions that would make any fashion lover envious. While the female models in his drawings look graceful and fierce at the same time, when they are mixed with foods, flowers or other materials as their dress materials, the illustrations feel alive and full of motion as if the wind just fluttered the model’s gown, giving dynamic dimension of the work.