Fabulous Shadow Art by Fabrizio Corneli

Shadow art has not been there long enough until Fabrizio Corneli and perhaps other shadow artists also came up with their work.


Corneli is from Florence. As a light artist, he doesn’t use canvas or paintbrush as most artists do. He would rather be using light as a source of energy to create amazing shadow as a piece of his art. So you cannot see his work not until you turn on the light.


The most interesting thing about his shadow art is that no one will know that it even exists when the lights are switched off.

shadow-art-light-fabrizio-corneli-6 (1)

In order to make his mesmerizing shadow sculptures come into sight, Corneli uses rather complicated mathematical calculations. This way, when he turns the lights on, very stunning silhouettes come up and they will generate really amazing pictures on the nearby walls.

Source: Bored Panda, Fabrizio Corneli, Instagram





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