Faces of Indigenous People Onto the Amazon Rainforest

It seems true that all imagery such as winding waterways, exotic animals and lush green forest are conjured up by the Amazon. With its rain forest produces 20% of the world’s oxygen, and the area spreads from east to west that it looks as though it were a country, maybe with such size it would rank the ninth biggest country in the world.

But still we can’t deny the saddest story behind its size, deforestation keeps on going which leads to a critical moment and becomes a global issue of main contributor of earth warming.

Philippe Echaroux a French artist who has big concern with the well-being of our environment was asked by the indigenous Surui tribe of the Amazon to personally create a technological innovation on how to protect their land by highlighting the fragility and beauty of their environment.

In order to support their project, Chief Almir Surui Narayamoga himself has extended an invitation to Echaroux. He is the one who is well-known for his commercial photography and public light projections. He agreed to visit the tribe and create The Blood Forest, a series of portraits projected into the Amazon rain forest.