Fairy Tale Architecture from Norway

Have you ever traveled all the way to Norway? What are the things that come to mind when talking about Norway? For some people, it’s been inseparable from Norwegian life like their Vikings, blonde people, particular architecture and majestic fjords. And for some of us, these only remind us of its fairy tales. Check out how these countryside in Norway can look like a picture in a fairy tale.

Stave churches that mostly make up of these architectural styles were actually built during the Middle Ages.And the most amazing traditional wooden houses were constructed in the Norwegian vernacular style. They call these styles byggeskikk, local to Norwegian architecture which most of them were built during the 19th century.Norway is always extravagant in its natural beauty ranging from its mesmerizing fjords and their ghostly natural waterfalls. Do you think these pictures wouldn’t be out of place in a fairy tale? Or maybe you have something to submit your own examples from your own travels in Norway?
Source: Bored Panda