Fairytale Sculptures out of Old Books

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Fairytale Sculptures out of Old Books

For some people, they would discard their old books but as for Su Blackwell, she would make good use of them to create a 3D object of those fairytale book sculptures.  The interesting thing is she can turn the old books into the construction of the entire landscapes filled with mystery.

Su needs to always read those old books first before starting to sculpt them because she finds them in second book stores. Recently she created her latest series called “Dwelling” which is inspired by the folk stories. It shows lighthouses, some structures that usually light up when inhibited, tree-huts and wooden cottages.

Su seemed to have added to her sculptures more depth as she chose to illuminate her intricate sculptures. About her old books house sculptures, Su said, "I have been compelled to create these dwellings now, as I am in the process of selling my house. I am leaving London, to possibly living in a quiet town by the sea. The process of buying a new house is daunting, and emotional upheaval

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