Here's How These 20 Famous Brand Came Up With Their Catchy Names!

Here's How These 20 Famous Brand Came Up With Their Catchy Names!

We all know about popular brands like Reebok, Nike, Pepsi, but do you know what their names mean? Mentioned below are the hardly known facts.

While purchasing a product we often rely on famous brands in spite of having several better alternatives, ever wondered why? The answer is simple, we all trust the brand whose name has been prevalent in the markets since ages. When it comes to famous brands they say the name is enough, but did you ever wonder how and from where did they come on that particular name?

Take a look at how these famous brand names came into existence. 

1. Intel


The brand Intel is short for integrated electronics. Makes so much more sense now, right?

2. Canon


This word was adapted from the Japanese name of Buddhist Bodhisattva of Mercy, Kwanon. 

3. Durex


Durable, Reliable and Excellence is the motto and the name of the company. Well, now it makes all sense, doesn't it?

4. Lego


Although the name itself was derived from a Danish word 'Leg Godt', which translates to 'play well', the Latin meaning of Lego means 'put together'. The creators claim that the later was nothing but a coincidence.

5. Nike


The Greek Goddess of Victory shares her name with this brand. The swoosh you see implies her flight!

6. Nintendo


'Nintendou' was modified to be Nintendo. When broken up 'Nin' in Japanese meant 'entrusted' and 'Ten-dou' translated to 'heaven'

7. Virgin



A girl in Richard Branson's team suggested this name as every member was a virgin at this business.

8. Coca-Cola



The two core ingredients used in this product were Coca leaves and Cola berries, hence the name.

9. Amazon



The Ceo of Amazon, Jeff Bezos wanted a name that began with A. He chose the name Amazon in the hopes of making it the largest like the largest river 

10. Skype



The originally formulated name was  'Sky peer to peer' which was later changed to Skyper. Finally, they settled on the name 'Skype'.

11. Volkswagen


In German, Volkswagen meant 'People's car'.

12. Pepsi


The name Pepsi was derived from the digestive enzyme pepsin. Although pepsin is not the ingredient used in this drink.

13. Adobe



A creek called Adobe Creek ran behind Co-founder, John Warnock's house. This was the inspiration.

14. eBay



They wanted to go with the name Echo Bay. Since it was already taken they shortened it.

15. Nokia


This company started as a wood-pulp producing mill which later expanded to rubber. The rubber producing company was situated in a city called Nokia in Finland.

16. Google


'Googol' which means 1 followed by 100 zeros was the true inspiration for the name.

17. Starbucks



Initially, the name 'Peqoud' was considered from a character in Moby Dick. Later, they settled for 'Starbuck' who was the chief mate of the same ship.

18. Sony


Sony is a derivation from the Latin word 'Sonus' (sound) and an American slang 'Sonny' (bright youngster).

19. Adidas


What's better than starting your own company using your name? The owner, Adolf Dassler, did the same. He used his nickname 'Adi' and added 'Das' from his surname Dassler.

20. Reebok


The brand name was derived from the Afrikaans spelling of an African Antelope- Rhebok.

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