Fantastic Movable Book Sculpture to Honor Scotland and Harry Potter

Thomas Wightman, an ingenious sculptor miraculously turned old book pages into intricate piece of renowned architectural Scotland Glenfinnan Viaduct Bridge dating back to 1901, made more famous in Harry Potter.


He has proved to be a real artist by putting his work on show as Visit Scotland promoted iKnow Scotland online community along with #ScotSpirit to honor the bridge as well as world famous series of Harry Potter. This is supposed to enrich the history of Scotland.

Wightman was born in London but raised in Edinburg. His affection of Scotland makes him present beautiful artwork for the country. He then carved the famous bridge out of book pages along with small trains and mountainous background. Trees are also presented to illustrate a complete picture of memorable Scotland. As we can see, letters are scattered to look just like fallen leaves giving a distinctive country’s cultural path which makes us feel as if taking a time travel, from past to present and into future.


This is not the first time for Wightman to use materials like books to create such an intricate piece. Bigger trains, boats and butterflies have also been made out of other used tomes to visualize human thoughts or emotions. But this very awesome Scotland viaduct is really a mesmerizing work.

Source: My Modern MetThomas Wightman,  Instagram






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