Figurative Sculptures out of Steel Scraps

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Figurative Sculptures out of Steel Scraps

Figurative Sculptures out of Steel Scraps

Jordi Díez Fernández is a Barcelona-based sculptor who uses steel scraps to make incredibly expressive sculptures of human. With his latest tribute to Ildefons Cerdà (above), the urban planner designing Barcelona’s expansion in the 19th-century called the Eixample, Fernández has created delicate sculptures of lovers entwined in an embrace, athletic and muscled men and also beautiful women.

How Fernández manages to use the steel materials to create such expressive lifelike figures is really mind-blowing, considering the fact that many people have wrong image of steel as stony and rigid.

When asked of his objectives to try such job, Fernández says, "to bring sculpture back to the place where it belongs, the intimate place where the spectator gets moved from his insides, from the feelings deep down, the place where feelings get shaken."

Source: My Modern MetJordi Diez Fernandez

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