Figurines out of Children’s Drawings

My name is Juan Angel Medina. I am from Lisbon. I am the Founder and CEO of Moyupi which produces new kind of dolls. Actually my occupations are an engineer, creator and web designer as well. In Moyupi I created many dolls with exclusive characters, since I really avoid the stereotypes of Disney, Pocoyo or SpongeBob.

Actually the idea of my doll creations came when I was working in Germany, where I studied for 3D designs and worked there. And it was also because I used to live with kids who drew monitors and my work was dedicated to 3D technology, so I came up with the idea to think big.

From  that moment on, everything began to evolve. And that’s when I dared myself to establish Moyupi. Although some of other characters from Disney or Pocoyo can give me inspirations, I determined not to copy any single creation of others. In creating my dolls, I use ABS, a hard and tough plastic as my main materials.

I believe children have an awesome creativity, so I use 3D printing to make their imagination come true.  I love all the results, but one of my favorite characters is a colorful elephant drawn by a 8 year old girl from Lisbon.


Source: Bored Panda, | Facebook