Finding Beauty in the Little Things

My name is Rachel Beltz. I’m from Pennsylvania. My first work is a set of miniature watercolor paintings. I did it in secret though as I was about to present my tiny paintings as Christmas gifts for my family. But to my surprise, they had fallen in love with them, so I decided to make more of them and began to share with more people.

finding-beauty-in-the-little-things-a-journey-through-miniature-watercolors-5769b7ef0f7a3-png__8811Ever since I was young, art has been my interest. That’s what made me take the art classes at school, and even an art camps during summer while practicing during my free time. As I reach the age of twenty now, I decided to take my hobby to the next level.finding-beauty-in-the-little-things-a-journey-through-miniature-watercolors-5769b98de9c65-png__88014In fact, I have never been comfortable sharing my paintings with other people. But now that I’m set to go professional, whether I like or not I have to step in branching out into the realm of sharing my work with others.finding-beauty-in-the-little-things-a-journey-through-miniature-watercolors-5769b53379e03-png__8806About my piece, I like miniature watercolor paintings because I believe that beauty actually resides in the little things. Usually before I photograph my paintings, I liven up my compositions by adorning them with various items like peanuts, coffee bean or flowers which often will make viewers wonder the size of my paintings.finding-beauty-in-the-little-things-a-journey-through-miniature-watercolors-5769b84013a10-png__8803