Illustrator's Naughty Sketches On Real Boob Issues Are Spot On!

Illustrator's Naughty Sketches On Real Boob Issues Are Spot On!

Flo Perry is a freelance illustrator, who uses art as a channel to express 'private' issues faced by millions of women worldover.

Flo Perry is a freelance illustrator who loves talking about things women do when no one's noticing them. For instance, what kind of a bra would a girl wear when no one's around? Or what are the types of underwear do they own? Intimate questions like these are answered by her in the most relatable manner. Apart from talking about clothing, she also encourages women to eat whatever it is they like without holding back. If you're someone who wants to know what goes on in the mind of a woman you should definitely go through her work on Instagram.

1. Everyday wear


You just cannot leave the house without it!

2. A sexy reminder


We do weird stuff for ourselves to make us happy.

3. Unrealistic hopes


The advertisements don't do justice to our boobs.

4. We all own one of these


She's right about this one!

5. Let them breathe


This is how you get a summer body.

6. The uglier the better


Why does it have to be inversely proportionate?

7. It's an intimate purse


No one can what's inside it and that makes it the safest place!

8. Activities you can do for fun!


These look weird!

9. How do they decide on the size of a bikini?


It's very odd.

10. The side boob effect


This is not the most ideal situation!

11. The pain is real


Not everyone understands it!

12. Why can't they accept it?


It's just a part of our body!

13. Accidents happen


You just have to be prepared.

14. The right way


Who are we kidding?

15. Somedays you just can't stop adoring them


Days like these are the best.

16. Hairy Bastards!


They are out to get us!

17. I'll never let you go!


Everyone has that one bra that feels the best no matter what!

18. Bikinis we regret buying


It's so hard to find the right size!

19. Oops!


Looks like someone messed up.

20. This is how much she cares


It doesn't even matter anymore.

21. Disadvantages of online shopping


It's so tough to find the right on!

22. Perfection!


This has to be the best feeling in the world.

23. Home sweet home


It's not home until you free your breasts.

24. Butter is always better


Don't overthink it!

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