Food into Striking Sculptures

Food carving is really always awe inspiring. That’s really true especially when you pay attention to this Japanese food artist Gaku who always amazes everyone looking at how he plays to create his intricate food carvings.

Gaku seems to have made the best arguments for using food to produce awe-inspiring yet edible works of art. What makes his art so interesting is that he strictly follows the Japanese food carving tradition of mukimono, which is the art of decorative garnishes for all of his food carving styles.

Typically what most food artists do in their food carvings is by using carrots, daikon, or eggplant in order to transform them into flowers or fans. But as Gaku gets his hands on them, we won’t find him using all those ingredients for his carvings. Instead, he cuts intricate patterns into the soft flesh of any fruits and vegetables. The results are modern with an architectural look and feel.

If you’ve ever peeled an apple, you know how quickly it oxidizes; within minutes, it starts to discolor. So in Gaku’s style, he would practice a race against time. His works are always at lightning speed with an X-Acto-style knife to ensure that his sculptures stay fresh. Just pay attention how the apples that he cuts never appear brown.