Food Spill Turned Into Tasty Artwork by Clever Artist

Are you a coffee lover? Actually your coffee stain can make an awesome piece of art. Guilia Bernadelli, an Italian artist has been using coffee as a medium for her clever work of art. Instead of ink, she uses coffee to create stunning paintings.


She makes beautiful drawings of portraits, animals or seascapes as though they are formed by coffee stain. This surely takes an incredible skill to make people think that it is an actual happenstance that forms the art.


As a matter of fact, she would deliberately flip her coffee cup, observe the stain and follow her instinct only to imagine what she could create out of it. When needed, she would add to it a drop of coffee from a spoon to her drawing to make it look as if it were really an accident.

guilia7 (1)

At times though, she could use other kinds of food as her source materials so long as they can compose a beautiful artwork. For example, as she once said to Huffington Post France, “At breakfast I imagine the footprint left by a cat after it walked into the jam. Or when I drink coffee I ponder on the nuances I can create if I flip it on the table.”


Bernadelli is really gifted with imagination, as she doesn’t have to plan her work, but rather she would create something awesome out of an abrupt incident.

Source: My Modern Met, Instagram, Giulia Bernadelli





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